Meet your new barista.

Searching for fresh opportunities to boost your business's bottom line? Our barista bots are the perfect blend of technology and hospitality, bringing a smile to your customers' faces with every cup.

Proud Artly Partners

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Why Artly?

We believe that the best coffee starts with the best beans. That's why we work with the 2023 US National Coffee Brewer Cup Champion, Wenbo (Joe) Yang, to source and roast only the highest quality beans in the world. The result is a cup of coffee that's full of rich, complex flavors and aromas that will delight your customers' senses.

What does an Artly Partnership look like?

Interested in becoming a partner with Artly Coffee? Here are some details about our partnership program:

  • No upfront hardware fee: Start serving great coffee right away without any financial barriers to entry.
  • 50/50 Profit Share: A fair and transparent partnership model that allows you to earn more while delivering exceptional coffee to your customers.
  • Online Tech Support: Our team of experts is always on hand to assist you with any technical issues.
  • Training and Maintenance Guidelines: Comprehensive training and maintenance guidelines to help you maintain the highest possible standards.
  • National Champion Coffee Beans and Supplies: Access to high-quality coffee beans and all other supplies you need to run your coffee operation smoothly.
  • Onsite Repair Service: In the rare event of any issues, we offer onsite repair service to get you back up and running quickly.

Our Profit-Sharing Model: How We Split the Pie

  • Minimum charge:

    • Our Profit Share minimum requirement is $3,000/mo
    • + $1,000/mo Tech Support
    • + Onsite Service Cost
  • Add-on services include:

    • Shipping service - varies by location
    • Installation service - varies by location
    • Health department permit application - $3,000

Need more info? Here are some frequently asked questions.

Does Artly need a controlled environment?

No. Artly robots are fitted with technology that allows them to adapt to their environments. You can put Artly anywhere with enough space and connection to electricity and water.

Does Artly require daily maintenance and recalibration?

Yes. You'll be responsible for daily operation as well as weekly and monthly maintenance per our standard operation procedure. We will provide training to the store manager.

Why does Artly coffee taste better than other coffee machines/robots?

The difference in Artly’s quality lies in how the coffee is made. Other machines rely on automation to make their drinks, where Artly uses actual barista tools and techniques learned through AI, so the coffee tastes just like it would if a human made it. Some say it tastes even better!

What kind of tech goes into Artly?

When building Artly, we adopted many technologies that are typically used in self-driving systems. This tech allows our robot to operate effectively and reliably because it understands the physical laws that govern its surroundings.

This tech includes:

  • Object/human detection
  • Structure from motion for mapping and localization
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Path planning
  • Anomaly detection
  • Physical reasoning

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